March 22, 2009

9. Der Student von Prag (1926)

When something (or in this case, someone) makes me tick, I'll need to take it to the extreme, have so much of it that it makes me sick. Which is why I chose to watch yet another Veidt film.

Being quite quick to judge, I thought the film was terribly boring, like some bad love novel - until I got to the last 20 minutes.
From then on it was utter brilliance.

So... Veidtmania rages on, no signs of cooling off.

Conrad (33) as Balduin

I could watch Veidt acting miserable all day long.
I love the way he takes a hold of the girl's hand in despair,
while kneeling and not even looking her in the face.

rating : 8,5 /10


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  1. Veidt reminds me so much of Antonin Artaud...the face structure plus the intensity. Both brillant men.

  2. Both have beautiful foreheads too !

  3. I've been trying not to say anything so you don't have to wonder who this odd person out of nowhere is and why she's commenting in your (IMO-incredible) blog, but apart from wanting to thank you for the link to The Student of Prague, I must tell you that I burst into laughter at your mention of, "Veidtmania"...since I've been describing my present state as having been infected with "Veidt virus." (Uhm...not that I watched The Thief of Bagdad four times this past weekend, or anything...) *shifty eyes*

    Thank you so much for all this, in any case. It's wonderful to see screencaps from the films I haven't seen yet, and to get your commentary on both those and the movies I've been lucky enough to have found thus far. (BTW, totally agreed re: the heroin-like intensity of the temple scene in Indian Tomb. I found myself thoroughly puzzled and increasingly irate at both Irene and the Princess in The Thief of Bagdad for so inexplicably preferring such relatively milquetoast men to the dangerous leonine charms of the Maharajah and Jaffar instead!)

    Again, please know how much your blog is appreciated by a relatively recent victim of Veidt virus...who quite frankly hopes to never recover from this delightful malady. ;)

  4. Esta es una película realmente hermosa y me asombra que no tengas aquí una de las escenas más impactantes, al menos en cuanto al rostro de Veidt se refiere: Cuando está jugando a las cartas con otros estudiantes y estos comienzan a irse y dejarlo sólo. El último estudiante le dice: ''El diablo debe tener las manos metidas en esto'' y entonces Conrad mira a su amigo con tanta tristeza, que casi me hace llorar, se ve tan frágil, tan hermoso, tan indefenso. Por cierto que la chica que lo tenía loco no valía nada, ¿cómo rechaza a Conrad sólo por que no tiene reflejo?. NEVER.


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