May 02, 2011

88. Man, Woman and Sin (1927)

The story of a fatherless boy who struggled with his mother to make enough money to get a better life. As he grew up he didn't know much about women until one charmed him in a big way.

The neighborhood where the Whitcombs lived

The only girl I ever wanted to marry, Gladys Bockwell (34) as the single mother, Mrs Whitcomb

Philip Anderson as the young Albet Whitcomb. 
He reminded me of Rowland S. Howard at times.

to impress the local boys and a rich little girl who lived in the neighborhood, Albert ventured into the haunted house on his own

he went to the top floor and looked at the girl from up there

ah, but the girl's mother didn't want him around

back at home, Albert told his mother about his adventure

Finally the Whitcombs had saved up enough money to move to a better neighborhood. Here they are leaving the old house, Mrs Whitcomb giving away their old furniture

and here's Albert, all grown up, played by John Gilbert (28) .
 I think he didn't fit the part at all. 
But since he co-directed the film, I suppose he could do whatever he wanted

Albert got work at a newspaper office and one day while browsing one of the papers he spotted an ad

I couldn't see the name of the place very clearly but I assume it was an ad for either a revue or a nightclub sort of a place

After work he got all dolled up and went over to the palace of sin

Women and booze were freely available but he found it all a bit too much. So he ended up saving a colleague from a beating and took the guy to a diner.

He told the guy he wanted to be more involved in the making of the paper and the guy let it be known that he'd put a word in for Albert at the office.

Next day he gets a promotion

Here's the vampy Vera Worth (Jeanne Eagels, 37) who did the social column for the paper and with her, Bancroft (Marc McDermott, 46) who owns the whole magazine. 

So yeah, they are having an affair. 

It was fun to watch Jeanne be a bad girl, smoking to her hearts' desire

she needed someone to accompany her to an upcoming dance

so she chose the new boy, Albert

Here they are on their way to the ball

Albert's eyebrows bothered me quite intensely and I suddenly realized why:

They reminded me of the mighty brows of The Hood from Thunderbirds

the dance went alright and Albert fell in love with the girl and wrote about her in his little column

he asks her out for a date to the Zoo and then she asks him over for some tea

Albert realizes the girl likes expensive things so he empties all his and his mother's savings so that he can buy the vamp a bracelet

the feeling isn't mutual and the girl seems to realize Albert really really likes her. 
To her it's been a laugh up until then. 

bad old Bancroft comes over again and gets all amorous

back at home Albert's mother has noticed the money has gone missing

Albert threatens to beat up his mother. What a schmuck.

then he runs over to his "love"

but all of a sudden Bancroft comes in, since he owns the place

a scuffle ensues but I honestly don't really know who started it or what exactly happens. 

But one thing's for certain, Bancroft dies.

Albert freaks out and flees the scene

Albert's mother doesn't tell the cops anything but suddenly realizes where the boy might be

he's at the haunted house once again

At court the vamp does her best to convince the jury Albert is to blame

You'll have to see for yourselves what happens in the end.
It's a shame Gladys had such a small part once again. 
I loved seeing her in bed, though. 


Directed by Monta Bell & John Gilbert


  1. Funny post! What a strange sounding film, I shall have to add it to my "to watch" list. Thank you and welcome back! I missed your posts :)

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  3. You're back! I missed your posts.
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  4. Hallo Jools!
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