November 29, 2010

85. The Michigan Kid (1928)

I watched this because of one specific teaser screen shot but ended up being rather disappointed. A melodrama set in Alaska, tedious long scenes and mediocre actors - all except for one.

Conrad Nagel (31) as Jimmy Rowan, the Michigan Kid

 "Come In - Open All Night - Play With Kid"

a paper clipping of Rose Morris, kid's childhood sweetheart

Don House (13) as Frank Hayward, Kid's childhood nemesis

 Kid in his childhood, played by one of my new favorites, Maurice Murphy (15)

 Virginia Gray (11) played the part of a younger Rose

 Fred Esmelton (56) as Rose's grandfather

 by chance Kid meets up with his former rival when they are both adults

 Lloyd Whitlock (37) as the grown up Frank, whom Kid saves from a tight spot when the guy gets in trouble

 and it turns out that Frank is engaged to Rose (Renée Adorée, 30)

Frank hides away in a cabin in the woods and waits for Kid to bring up Rose to see him

 meanwhile the two rekindle their... chemistry

 things get a little too heated up and a forest fire ensues


The film was directed by Irvin Willat who was 38 at the time

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  1. Anonymous5/5/15

    Hello, although it seems you were not too fond of this film, it still sounds intriguing to me, and I would like to see it. But I can't find it anywhere. Do you know where online I can watch? Thanks!


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