June 22, 2010

80. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920)

This was directed by John S. Robertson, 42.
The pace is very slow and you'll have to wait a while before Mr Hyde appears.
Barrymore was foxy as usual.

John Barrymore (38) as Doctor Jekyll

Nita Naldi (25) danced her way straight into my heart.
She played Miss Gina, the Italian dancer

meet Mr. Hyde and his giant paws

Mr Hyde needed a cane, unlike Dr Jekyll.
The cane came to represent his darker side, serving as a bizarre phallic symbol.
He'd stroke girl's thighs with it and later on use the thing for mortal mayhem.

Gina after being used by Hyde

the cone head... gee-wiz

Brandon Hurst as Sir George Carew.
I hear Brandon plays a groovy part in The Man Who Laughs, which I'm yet to see.

the nasty cane at work

menacingly handsome

Martha Mansfield (21) as Carew's daughter Millicent. Sadly she was to die three years later due to a freak accident.

a spider with Hyde's head visits Jekyll

You can watch this one for free at The Internet Archive


  1. Ahhh looks great! This has been in my list of movies to watch for a while now, i can't wait to watch it! xxxxxx

  2. I've seen it and love it! John B. as Hyde and Jekyll is GORGEOUS in this one!


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