April 17, 2009

33. Tell It to The Marines (1926)

I watched this last night and I'm still struggling to fully comprehend what I saw.
Lon Chaney was good as Sgt O'Hara, yet I must confess I prefer him in more sinister roles. William Haines was as big brotherly as ever.
The tone of the film changed from comedy to blind rage & violence without warning.
The whole army/navy scenario isn't something I'm that much into, so this was as exotic to me as that William Haines golf movie. I could watch it because of the actors but didn't really love the storyline that much.

the future Pvt. George Robert 'Skeet' Burns (William Haines, 26) looked very sweet with his hair all loose and wild

Skeet takes a look at he boys in the yard

"Who ? Me ?!"

*ostentatious laughter*

Eleanor Boardman (28) as Nurse Norma

Skeet wants to give the nurse "a ride"

These days she would press charges because he was seriously groping her.
It's bizarre how Haines portrayed all these girl crazy characters who wanted to get into girlies panties by force (like in Brown of Harvard) when in real life he wasn't even into girls.

Nurse Norma reports to Sgt O'Hara (played by Lon Chaney, 43)

O'Hara had a wild and deep crush on the nurse and didn't take lightly the news of her mistreatment

his face could reflect more emotion that a million words

I love him !

the one on the left oozed coolness

when I watched O'Hara yelling at that miserable kid Skeet, it sent pleasant shivers down my spine

I loved this scene.
O'Hara's only got eyes for Norma, unlike that Skeet who goes off with a native girl

wrecking a beautiful car, those nasty marines

a chance meeting somewhere in China

the nurse is all miserable because she's heard Skeet's been hanging out with other girls

She wonders if she should forget about Skeet. O'Hara tells her to give the boy a chance, thus sacrificing his own love. He shouldn't have.

Dumb chick. She should have taken O'Hara instead of Skeet.
(I know I would have)

I want a poster of this on my wall. Lon was a statuesque human being.

look at that real tattooed sailor, bringing street cred to the whole gang

O'Hara gets some unjust accusations from Skeet, who's on a miseraldo trip

O'Hara thinks "if he only knew"

One of the bandits, he looks like my brother's roommate

the marines come to the rescue

the chief bandit

O'Hara leads his men to rescue the nurses

one of the bandits threw a rock at O'Hara's head, he bled but carried on

the real action begins

I was sure O'Hara was a goner until he smiled

he lost his ray of sunshine to Skeet

Directed by George W. Hill

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