July 02, 2009

65. Himmelskibet (1918)

I watched this because I 'm into Nils Asther and sci-fi. You can name and shame me but heck, I didn't spot that foxy Mr Asther in the film. Nope. He was supposed to be playing a Martian and gods only know I tried to spot him in every scene but didn't.
But I don't regret watching this at all. This was an idealistic film. I've also seen another silent movie about a trip to Mars, Aelita. Both of these films are very idealistic. They set out to give people a message. In this one Martians look like the people on earth, only they are far more progressed. They don't need to use words or violence to get their message across. And they are vegetarians.
It was pretty much sort of.. New Age, made me think of Isadora Duncan and her brother Raymond, the Ascona commune scene and the overall nostalgia that some people at that time were longing for.
For a film that was made 91 years ago, I'd say this was pretty fresh and modern. Sure there were some naive bits that made me cringe but it was also pretty moving.

"They laughed at you, Columbus, when you talked about sailing around the world !"

"Look father ! Now they sail towards the red planet of Mars - which according to Dante's Divine Comedy belongs to those who dare risk their lives for their faith !"

thus fell Professor Dubius

"In you I greet the new generation - the flower of superior civilization, the seed of which shall be replanted in out earth, so that the ideals of love may grow strong and rich !"


Directed by Holger-Madsen


  1. Anonymous2/1/10

    I just wanted to say that I really love your website! And I agree with all of your observations, and will now go find all those films you have reviewed favorably and watch them! I can't tell you how grateful I am for the wonderful film stills! Especially the ones of Veidt in many of his film roles, because he is my favorite silent film actor. It's so wonderful for me to know that there is someone my age, who loves the same things as I do. We dream about seeing the same lost films as well! I'd Love to read more of your reviews, keep up the good work!

  2. Dear Anonymous, your comment made my day.

    I haven't been able to update this journal for a while due to medical and personal reasons, but hopefully I'm now back for good.
    *knocks on wood*

    Veidt and other silent stars are immortal as long as they are being remembered and loved by people like us !

  3. Anonymous12/5/11

    1. I find Nils Asther to be foxy and science fiction to be excellent as well.
    2. Your screencaps are very enjoyable.


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