March 26, 2009

11. Alraune (1928)

Brigitte Helm stole my heart and mind.
I started off disliking her as well as her character and by the end of the film I liked them both. The film quality was very poor, which made it hard to understand what went on is some of the scenes and I would have liked to have seen Alraune's face and clothes more clearly.

The direction, the way the film was shot, that was perfect !
It was one of the most impressive ones in a while.

drowning an insect

a fool to be used for escaping a convent school

putting on forbidden perfume, teasing the other convent girls..
a great scene


and those circus people were superb, especially a man who did card tricks, however I didn't manage to take any good screen shots of him

and by now she's working at the circus

she teases lions by blowing smoke at them

Brigitte wore some adorable outfits in the film, this is one


I loved this part.




watch it

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  1. oh i know! i love brigitte, in the first film i saw with her i thought she was just plain but she becomes more and more beautiful the more i see her. i do colorizations on my blog ( she was one of my very first colorizations i did. another film she was great in was "Abwege" directed by G.W. Pabst. its on youtube at (


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