April 12, 2009

31. The Penalty (1920)

Damn, Lon Chaney... he was better than any modern actor in my opinion. But that's just me. You got every right to think otherwise.
It's him and Conrad Veidt that have left a lasting impression on me.
Lon was 37 when this one was made. Take one look at his bound legs and you'll have to hand it to the man, I don't think I could have handled the pain even for a minute, but he went on and did it. I looked in awe as he used nothing but his arms to climb up the wall is some scenes. He must have been perfectly fit, physically speaking.
I liked most parts of the story, but not the result of Blizzard's surgery. That was a bit of a cop out.

Jim Mason (31) as Frisco Pete. I liked him a lot.

Claire Adams (22) as the surgeon's daughter, the sculptor Barbara.
I kind of fell for her.

Edouard Trebaol (15) as Bubbles, the former street punk.
I fell in love with the kid.


rating 9,5/10

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