April 30, 2009

51. The Unholy Three (1925)

Good plot and actors. If it wasn't for the endless courtroom hassle in the latter quarter of the film, this would have been excellent.

he reminded me of Ron Mael from Sparks

Victor McLaglen (39) as Hercules

Lon (42) as Echo

Mae Busch (34) as Rosie. I liked her.

Harry Earles (23) played Tweedledee. He was fascinating :
One of the weirdest scenes I've seen in a silent film so far.

Lon in disguise, as Mrs O'Grady. Awesome performance.

Matt Moore (37) was cute and awww inducing as Hector MacDonald. I suppose it was the glasses that did the trick for me.

definitely one of those "grab him by the lapels" kind of coats


Rating : 8/10

April 29, 2009

50. Das indische Grabmal: Der Tiger von Eschnapur (1921)

My Anonymous visitor pretty much summed this one up in the following comment :
The second part has more Veidt and a lot more action, but the overall structure has the feel of a serial.
A plus: the tigers eat the right person.
(<----TRUE !) I have very little to add to that. If someone has seen this film and knows how much I worship and adore Mr Veidt, you'll know seeing something like this second part was like.. well, if I'd been a teenage boy, this would have been the equivalent of a porn film. Certainly stimulated the senses in every way imaginable. It's a good thing I watched this one alone.

giving him the respect he deserves

the British dude's shirt just had to be ripped open to expose his nipple, right ?


..it's my blog so I can post as many pictures of his expressions as I want.

that frustrating lady who refuses to have anything to do with the beautiful Maharajah

..until she's forced into it.

I liked the scene with these two in it. The Maharajah was like a kid in a candy store, requesting this and that, while Ramigani had no other choice but to obey.

there's something much more menacing about a posse of horse riders than there is about modern biker gangs

I wish I could have a portable version of this gif :

What more could I ask for ?
This was too much, all too much... like a visual heroin overdose. I had to take a pause while watching this bit.
I went to get a glass of cool water and sat down on the edge of my bed. The thought of Conrad Veidt, 28, dressing up in all that gear somewhere in the world (UFA studios ? ) back in 1921 and getting filmed doing that walk... it seems so surreal.
He became each character he played. He was supernatural.
He was perfect.

you'll get yours yet
However big you think you are

Did he who made the Lamb make thee?

got me all emotional, this part


Rating : 8,5/10
Conrad : 10/10