November 19, 2011

91. Tom Sawyer (1917)

Oooh yes, that's right.
More Jack Pickford ! 

 Playing the part of Aunt Polly; Edythe Chapman (54), who did a whole lot of over acting in this film, but I'm not sure if it was intentional or not. 
And Jackie boy on the right, he was 21 but looked kind of boyish so he fit the role.

 I have not read the book so I don't know the story, but for some reason Tom really loathes this guy

this is The Pickford Pout, I've seen Mary do it 351806 times 

Look at those arms! Oooooooooh boy..... 
*swoon swoon swoon*

he was around 22

 I guess I might be a bit odd in the sense that I never got the point in boys getting into physical fights. I spent most of my early school days breaking up fights between my hothead brother and his bullies. 

Tom wins 


Next day..
 Tom has to paint a fence but doesn't fell like it

Sure enough, soon all the dudes want to give it a go and even pay for it

time to show auntie

Mr Smug

next up we're introduced to the girl with one of the ugliest wigs I've EVER seen:

honestly, it looked like a rope stuck onto a granny wig

Mr Suave

little bo beep throws Tom a flower

Tom needs to get groomed for Church

but since he does such a lousy job, he needs help from his sister

that handsome devil Huck happens to be passing by Tom's house

He stops by to have a little chat... and exposes his nipple in the business. 
And YES I did rewind this scene a number of times while watching.

*fans self*

Tom has to go

Now outside the church, Sawyer is fixing up a Bible Prize contest but I'm not sure exactly what is going on. Should read the book, I know.

that boy in the middle reminds me of:

so possessions exchange hands and pretty soon Tom has a neat pile of Bible Prize coupons


The new girl Becky's family gets invited to the front of the church 


Monday. On his way to school, Tom stops to talk with Huck for a bit


that'll suit him just fine cos he gets to sit with Becky

okay, can I do that with Huck?

Uh oh, Tom - TMI !

he tries to woo her over again by giving her :


but Becky's not that easy, she throws it onto the floor 
Tom gets mad and storms off

while auntie visits the kitchen, the boys get into a scuffle which results in a broken sugar bowl

Tom goes over to Becky's place, fantasizing about her/her degree of devotion. He sits on her lawn like a creepster, while the girl is alseep. He plays dead.

just then Becky's maid throws some water out of the window, hitting Tom boy

he finds a worthy parter in crime from that Joe Harper guy

while walking past a field they see a barrel, from which smoke is arising

inside, they find my pin-up boy

the three pirates head off to a desert island, in secret

but as Huck steps away from the raft, it drifts away

back at home people have woken up and noticed that the boys are missing

meanwhile the lords do a bit of swimming

fishermen figure out that the drifting raft can only mean one thing - the boys have drowned

after dinner Huck blows a bit of smoke towards the other boys, making them curious about the pipe

not as much fun as it seemed

there goes Joe Harper, soon to be followed by Tom

Huck is initially amused 

but then decides to go check up on his fellow pirates

as the sun sets, Tom gets emotional and starts to think about the folks back home

he pens two messages - one to be delivered to his aunt

and the other to his friends

Tom's treasures

Sleeping Beauty, Huck

Sawyer takes off

Tom gets home and hides away, eavesdropping on his relatives

He waits until people go to sleep and then thinks things over. He decides not to leave the message after all

he returns to the island to tell the others about their upcoming "funeral"

they come up with a surprise plan

happy reunion time!

check out that lady grabbing a hold of Huck 

I would gladly trade places with her


while others rejoice, my boy Huck wipes away all of those kisses

and takes off on his own

as an added extra... it says on IMDB that Jack's wife Olive Thomas had a bit part in the film, as a member of the chorus. She should be one of these, then:
Maybe the girl on the left? 
Any ideas? 
The footage is quite grainy, sorry.


  1. Anonymous28/11/11

    Are you still looking for 'Furcht' and 'Der Gang in die Nacht'?
    You can download them here:

    The site has many other silent films too.

    Great you're back!

  2. Jools, you are fantastic (as always)!

    Thank you, thank you SO much.
    That site is a gold mine.
    I am downloading Furcht as I type :D

    Also... I updated the "looking for" list today and turned it into a separate sub-page at the blog:

  3. Anonymous1/12/11

    You're very welcome. ^^ I'm always happy to share links with other silent film fans. :D

    I haven't watched the films yet, but I hope the quality isn't too bad.

    I also happen to have Carlos Und Elisabeth and Die Brüder Schellenberg on DVD. I see if I can rip and upload them for you.

    Hope you're fine.

  4. Anonymous19/12/12

    Hi there, I have been trawling through some film mags and journals of the 1910s and have come across a number of stills and pictures from Pickford's many lost films. I've now uploaded them to my blog, which is here which is the silentmovieblog dot wordpress dot com (sorry, it won't let me upload a url!

    The very first entry on that blog is also about Jack Pickford and his treatment in the press, and might also be of interest.


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