March 13, 2009

2. The Bat (1926)

My first Jack Pickford film !
After spending countless hours watching photographs of him, seeing him MOVE was something out of sight.
He's much more down to earth on screen.
He did not come off as a flashy star but a stuttering, homely kid.

The other star that made an impression on me was Louise Fazenda.
What a brilliant creature.

The film itself was a classic Whodunnit-mystery and I think it would have been better without all the supposedly funny bits. It had the potential to be a proper thriller, but there were so many not so hilarious chases and general clowning around that I lost interest halfway though.

I'll admit I watched it because of Jack. I would watch him starring in anything.

it's Jack !

with GLASSES on

Sojin (42) as the butler

Louise Fazenda (31) as Lizzie Allen

Jack was also 31 when the film was made

lying his way through a job interview

Directed by Roland West

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