May 21, 2009

56. It (1927)

Since I started working I haven't had much time to watch films and it's been killing me. Today's a day off so I managed to watch my first Clara Bow film.
I'm too sick of the state of my life in general to write anything deep about the film.

I have met a few people who have "IT". They were all Americans.

William Austin (47) played Monty. He was like a long lost relative of John Waters. I liked him.

Clara was 22.
She was vibrant, dynamic, charming... but doesn't go into my dream girl file.

But Priscilla Bonner (28) does. She was like a goddess. I knew a girl who looked just like her once. I turned her down and have been regretting it ever since.

This actor was uncredited so I don't know who he was.
A true beauty.

Clara looks a bit like Louise Brooks here

Baby Gary Cooper as a reporter ! He was 26. Awww...

I want that.

Antonio Moreno (40) as the leading man. He was alright but not dashing. He looks a lot like my uncle.

Jacqueline Gadsden (27) was a beauty too. Someone I'd like to paint a portrait of.

Directed by Clarence G. Badger

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