June 16, 2009

61. The Blue Bird (1918)

Hands down, one of the most visually beautiful films I've ever seen. We're talking top 10 sort of beauty here. Tableaux vivants featuring most graceful and amazing dancers. If you like Isadora Duncan or Lot in Sodom, you will love this.
The film itself was a bit tiresome to watch, and the acting of the two kids did not impress me. But there were so many other things that were spectacular. I was in awe.

the gorgeous Katherine Bianchi. I think she was a raving beauty

Tula Belle played Mytyl

according to IMDB, the part of Widow Berligot was played by a man (Edward Elkas) ... bizarre.

this is not a clear shot, but it features S.E. Potapovitch who played the embodiment of Fire - he danced most beautifully. I couldn't find any information about him online, but did find a Maria Potapovitch who was involved with the Ballets Russets around the same time

Charles Craig played Sugar

look at the two dancers at each side of the door... they look like statues

pretty girls like Sugar

S.E. Potapovitch again ! he was astonishing

Tom Corless did the role of the Cat with disturbing intensity

Bianchi again. wow


Directed by Maurice Tourneur

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