March 21, 2009

8. Anders als die Andern (1919)

I have to say this turned out to be one of the best films I have ever seen.
I finished watching it about ten minutes ago and I still haven't quite gotten back to earth.
My respect for the talent of Mr. Veidt rises even higher than where it stood yesterday.

He portrayed a homosexual man in a time when it was very much a taboo. He did so without any feminine over exaggerated mannerisms or posing. He made the character of Paul Körner seem very genuine.

The film was beautifully shot, the settings were like scenes set up for some amazing photographs. It is indeed a shame that some parts of the original movie have been lost forever, but it didn't stop it from being easy to follow.

Conrad Veidt as the master violin player, Paul Körner

My favorite scene in the film :

the cigarette and the ring... just perfect.

the extortionist as a young hustler

he sought love but found an enemy

man, he was beautiful.


rating : 9,5 / 10


see it


  1. He was so gorgeous... he did everything beautifully in this movie. Even *dying*, he is utterly perfect, good lord.

    The scenes with the hustler (when he caresses him and takes off his hat)... just too much. Too much.

  2. I agree.
    He's the best actor of all time in my book.
    Best and most handsome.

  3. So the scene of him smoking a cigarette is my absolute favorite…

    Nobody could make that look as elegant as Mr. Veidt did!!

    Thanks for posting the clip :D

  4. La escena cuando esta fumando y el chico le trae la carta del chantajista, es mi predilecta, su cara, sus manos, sus bellos ojos, esta perfecto , LO AMO, LO AMO I LOVE CONRAD VEIDT....


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