March 20, 2009

7. Das Wachsfigurenkabinett (1924)

A man signs up to write stories about waxwork figures.
Three stories follow, the last one being very short.

in the first one a baker gets into some trouble with the local ruler

lovely palm trees, near the entrance of the baker's house

the baker's frustrated wife

the baker embracing his wife.
there was quite a deal of chest fondling in the film

the baker's wife lamenting her life.

a randy caliph tells her so

a part of the beautiful set

reflection on a diamond ring

a scene from the end chase.

Next up came the story of Ivan :
"who turned cities into cemeteries ..."

Conrad Veidt as Ivan, off to have a look at the contents of his torture chambers

he's got a lovely smile

..and a great machine to mix poison with.
It's not clearly pictured here, I'm sorry to say.

my favorite film prop !

Ivan shows a man how much time he's got left on this earth

Ivan gets off on the thought of the exact moment of a man's death

he looks like he's being served downstairs. brilliant.

in the aftermath of the experience, Ivan soothes the face of his assistant

the poison maker's revenge

Ivan is being asked a favor

the cunning fox thinks up a plan. his eyes kill me.

the details on the doors. amazing.

shocked wedding guests upon seeing what has become of the father of the bride

the bride screams in anguish

Ivan approaches the girl on what was meant to be her wedding night.
He takes feline steps.

His hands and fingers are extended in a typically Veidt-ish graceful way

Ivan caresses the hour glass like it was something desirable

the realization...

not the end of the film, but the end of Veidt's screen time


watch the film


Directed by Leo Birinsky & Paul Leni

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