May 01, 2009

52. Tol'able David (1921)

I should have watched this before Broken Blossoms. If I did, I would have understood how damn great an actor Richard Barthelmess was.
It's strange how he looks like something I might have drawn into my diary on a lonesome rainy day.

He was 26 when the film was released

these legs got me giddy

He was brilliant.


Directed by Henry King


  1. Hi there. Thanks for posting this. He was truly brilliant in this film. You know I was wondering if anyone has ever seen or knew more about the film he starred in called "The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come." I've seen a photo of it...but I don't even know for sure if it is still in existence. Anyways, if it is, I plan to request it at's worth a try I guess...or cross my fingers someone will post it on youtube.

  2. I wish I could see Barthelmess in Shepherd of Kingdom Come too, he starred in the 1928 version, whereas one of my other top favorite silent actors, Jack Pickford was in the 1920 version of the film.

    From what I know, both versions of the film are sadly lost.

    ps. thank you for commenting, it makes this place seem less lonesome :)

  3. Oh your site is very well made and you took some grest stills of Barthelmess. I'll be sure to return to it often when I'm seeking a silent picture to watch.

    That's a real shame that both Little Shepherds are lost. I still hope to get my hands on "The Enchanted Cottage" someday in which Barthelmess co-starred with May McAvoy.

    And Jack Pickford...I'll be sure to check for him too.


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