November 21, 2011

92. Bud's Recruit (1918)

So... I fell for Robert Gordon
Here's another one of his appearances. 

 It's the time of war. 
Bud is one of two brothers, the main characters of this film. 
He lives and breathes for the thought of war and the need to take action.

 While being too young to enlist, he has built up a reserve army from his peers

 this kid was too short to be accepted

 but was then given the task of drumming out of pity
turns out the marching and drumming was too much, so the kid stopped to rest

 hmmm, hmm

 Now we're talking!

 Mrs. Gilbert looks proudly on
She and Reggie are a part of the pacifist association in their city

 Bud comes home for supper

 Reggie talks about not getting drafted

 Bud shouts at him for being a coward or something, interrupting the call

 Bud leaves the table without having eaten

 he feels pity for the boy

 There is no mention of the boys' father in the film and that leaves the story open for speculation.
Did their father die in the war and thus inflict traumas on everybody? 
Is that why Bud wants to be like him, whereas Reggie and the mother are terrified of the whole thing?

 Bud lies down for some daydreams

 he thinks up a scene where a man carries the American flag and once he gets shot down, another man will take his place and carry the flag on his behalf

 the boyfriend informs her, making her really proud and happy

 enter Reggie and Edith
Reggie is relieved about not being in the same position as the other guy

 the guys get into an argument

back home, Bud gets some supper after all

 Reggie arrives, he's a bit moody

 he takes down the Army poster from their door

 Bud gets mad and draws a chalk line to separate their room in half

 meanwhile the kids' army protests outside

 they come out to see what's going on

 Edith changes sides, wanting to carry a flag for the boys


 Bud reads the grim news and feels disgusted and frustrated

 he looks into the mirror and catches the reflection of his sleeping brother... 
and something specific about his features

 the mustache! 
he makes up a fake one for himself to see if it might fool people

 the following morning he's up early to enlist 

 back at home Reggie is confused about the whereabouts of his glasses, but he does have a spare pair

 Reg is confused after he meets some townspeople who congratulate him

 Edith is proudly showing the paper to Mrs. Gilbert

 ...even Edith's sister sneaks up to give him a congratulatory kiss 

 The mother holds onto a portrait, probably Reggie's. 
Could also be the father's picture, though

 Reginald gets to see the news for himself

 he leaves the women and retreats into his room

 despite the confusion, he gets a bit show off-y

 he boasts to Bud, and the two shake hands

 still contemplating the news, he sits down to read the paper

 what do his pretty eyes see?

 uh oh... busted!!

 a fight ensues

 poor boy

he has a look around the station and gets bombarded by posters

 Bud is getting ready, dressing up as his brother

 the name is called up at the recruitment office

 both Gilbert boys are there, so Bud has to go back home while Reggie joins the ranks

 Bud brings out the whole family to see the moment when Reggie leaves for war

 poor mother

You can watch the film HERE.

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