April 24, 2009

48. Unheimliche Geschichten (1919)

All week long I've been checking out this grand thing on eBay; an old and spectacular promotional toffee tin with the face of my personal hero on it.
So today I was the highest bidder until those critical last 12 seconds, when evil things always happen, and this time was no exception. Some other cat outbid me and got that heavenly tin. It was some hard core tin box collector and I'm sure this person will take good care of it yet I can't help but feel bitter about it.
I wanted that damn box.

(the tears are courtesy of yours truly)

Well, no use moaning over it, I couldn't afford it and that's that. To cure my blues I'm going to post pictures of Master Veidt in his youthful brilliance, circa 1919.

I loved all three of them !

Take that, all you modern goths. Conrad out-gothed you back in 1919.

Reinhold had amazing eyes. I wonder what color they were.

Anita Berber (20) was absolutely wonderful

This is perfection right here :

she was a good dancer

Rating :
Story 1 : 7/10
Story 2 : 10/10
Story 3 : 8/10
Story 4 : 8/10
Story 5 : 7/10
Conrad : 10/10


  1. Anonymous3/6/10

    Been wanting to see this film but haven't been able to. Cool pictures! Conrad was/is amazing. A dream of mine is having the film The Last Performance released publicly. Want to see that film too. It's unfortunate that so many of his films are lost and all.

  2. BTW, this is now on YouTube...


    (I still haven't watched all of it, owing to my tendency to swoon over über-young Connie. Thus I'm partaking of it in small doses... ;)


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