April 10, 2009

29. The Toll of the Sea (1922)

Anna May Wong (17) was pleasing to the eye, flawless.
The kid who played her son in the film was in fact a little girl called Priscilla Morgan, who was 5. The story itself was most annoying, so dramatic and over the top I was seething with rage when the movie was over.
I'm clearly not one for films about misery and martyrdom.
(and yea, I know this story was loosley based on Madame Butterfly so I'm not being ignorant by slandering a classic)

It annoys me that good actors had to be in bad films, I mean, Brown of Harvard oozed similar tackiness, yet I can't hate it because it featured Jack P. and Mr Haines, both of whom mean a lot to me. But it's such a waste, these people had talent and could have been a million times more better if they'd been offered better roles.

haha, very funny... not.

Your wife understands, does she ?

"honorable" Mr. Allen ?

if only she'd put poison in it

right, right...

wait... WHAT ?!


Directed by Chester M. Franklin

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