April 21, 2010

74. La sirène des tropiques (1927)

It was my lucky day because I managed to track down a Pierre Batcheff film !
This is one of those pretty-boy roles he didn't like playing and according to his biography things didn't go too well with Josephine Baker behind the scenes, but their onscreen chemistry doesn't show that strain.

Georges Melchior as Comte Severo, a rich daddy who desires his own goddaughter

Pierre (20) as André Berval, who works for Severo and also has his eyes set on the goddaughter

Régina Dalthy as Lady Severo & Regina Thomas as Denise, the goddaughter/object of desire

Joséphine Baker (21) as Papitou

back when traveling was glamorous and the boats beautiful

the film had a number of scenes like this, where it seemed like they just had to have Josie show some skin

Pierre did some beautiful posing too

beautiful Paris


Directed by Henri Étiévant & Mario Nalpas

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  1. Anonymous25/12/10

    I can't believe I've never heard of Pierre Batcheff before! He's so beautiful. *_*
    (May I ask where you've find that movie?)

    Would you mind if I'd save some of the caps and post them on my site? (will credit you of course.)

    Happy Holidays!


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