May 09, 2009

54. Way Down East ( 1920)

Things have been pretty tough lately so I needed something seriously soul grabbing to shake me up a bit. This did the trick.

I love Lillian's hands

This has happened to me too.
I thought I was alone with the feeling.

Mary Hay (21) as Kate


Rating : 9,5/10

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  1. Hi, I just found your blog and it's pretty cool. I wish you went a little more into detail with your posts, but besides that, good job. I also like how you lay out the story with screenshots. I looked through some of your other posts and I am interested in what you can tell me about Jack Pickford. You seem to like him a lot. I really like his sister Mary. I think she is the best actress (alongside Lillian Gish) ever!I don't know a lot about her brother and I would like to. Do you have a post about him? Or could you give me a brief biography of him or something? Thanks!


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