April 07, 2009

27. The Phantom Of The Opera (1925-29)

Lon (42) was good, as always.
The uncredited Bernard Siegel (57) was alluring.
Other than that, for some reason I disliked the film a lot.
I'm not going to offer any constructive criticism, I'm off to brew some tea.

This is Bernard Siegel, a guy who appeared in over a hundred films during his lifetime, but try googling him and you won't find much. Damn it, I want to see more of his works.

Mary Philbin (23)... her acting made me squirm, in a bad way

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  1. This isn't a favorite of mine either. You're right about Philbin - one of the most inept performances ever. I only watch this one for Arthur Edmund Carewe as The Persian. One of my favorite silent actors.


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