April 03, 2009

21. Körkarlen (1921)

The name of the film ("The Phantom Chariot") may lead one to expect a horror film but what you will get instead is a depressing family drama. I'm not that into dramas, I prefer the twisted films instead, however something made me sit through this one. And I know what it was : this one touched a subject that I know all too well : how alcoholism destroys a family.
There are some dashes of paranormal activity (well, ghosts) in the mix, but the emphasis is on the relationships between a drunken man, his wife and a charity worker who tries her best to help them patch things up. What I liked about the movie is that it does not preach about anything. It didn't attempt to say who did wrong or who did right or why bad things happen. The ending in my opinion was a bit of a cop out, but I guess it would have been too dramatic had it ended in any other way.
The grim reaper was my favorite character, especially in the scene where he rides his phantom chariot in the water and picks up a dead man from the bottom of the ocean and carries his soul away in his arms. I couldn't get a proper screen shot of that.

Astrid Holm (28) as Edit, the nurse/charity worker

the magnificent Hilda Borgström (50) as the long suffering Mrs. Holm


Rating : 8,5/10


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