April 07, 2009

26. The Beloved Rogue (1927)

My first John Barrymore film !
What a dude he was. Ruled the screen... but not when he had to share it with master Veidt, who I hear they had ordered especially from Germany to Hollywood to appear in this film. And lords, am I glad they did, because he was perfect.

Lucy Beaumont (53)

Conrad was 34 when the film was made.

John was 45 but played a 25-year old.
He pulled it off pretty nicely.

All the extras make the party sequence a thrill to watch, they are much better than the ones in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Villon hears he is to be banished from Paris, it is a beautiful scene. Barrymore was good at portraying the feeling of shocked numbness, and the way in which his friends desert him at the moment of deepest despair is acted out well.

The 19 year old Angelo Rossitto played "the dwarf" and in my opinion he was treated in a degrading way in several scenes

Villon makes a move on Charlotte de Vauxcelles (played by Marceline Day, 19)

I loved the way King Louis couldn't keep his sweet little paws off Villon for most part of the film

Villon gets whipped

...be still, my heart


rating : 8,5/10

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