April 22, 2010

76. Salomé (1923)

Today I'm going to shine a light on Nigel De Brulier, one of my big silent screen heroes.
Here's a page dedicated to him, go take a look.

I have a picture of Oscar Wilde tattooed on the back of my neck

Vyvyan Holland was born Vyvyan Wilde, the son of Oscar Wilde

Rose Dione (48) as Herodias, Salome's mother

Alla Nazimova (44) as Salome

Arthur Jasmine (spelled as Jasmina in the credits) & Earl Schenk

....and Nigel (46) as Jokanaan (John the Baptist)

he was so beautiful


Directed by Charles Bryant


  1. I love your blog. It is fantastic! I can imagine the huge amount of work to collect and present all those wonderful pictures. Amazing!!!

  2. oh how glad i am to have discovered your silent blog :) thank you for sharing such wonderful things with everyone!

  3. Hey you :) I know how to find a few of the films on your wantlist.


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