April 26, 2009

49. Das indische Grabmal: Die Sendung des Yoghi (1921)

Incredibly tedious to watch. Would have stopped after the first thirty minutes if it wasn't for Veidt (who had very little screen time). This must have been a huge + expensive production, the sets were beautiful but the pace way too slow and the majority of the actors incredibly unappealing and boring.

But I hear part two is going to be better. At least that "temple scene". Can't wait.

Bernhard Goetzke (37) was brilliant as Ramigani

The beautiful Maharajah of Bengal (Conrad Veidt, 28) hugs an elephant and introduces Herbert Rowland (Olaf Fønss, 39) to India

you know, I just had to laugh...

...because his pain was over the top but adorable

Lya De Putti (24) as Mirrjha. She was pretty interesting to watch.

Mia May (37) played the part of Irene Amundesen, the architect's fiancee. I did not enjoy her performance.

Erna Morena (36) played the silly princess who chose a British dude instead of the Maharajah of Bengal


Rating : 7,5/10
(Conrad : 9/10)


  1. Anonymous27/4/09

    The second part has more Veidt and a lot more action, but the overall structure has the feel of a serial. A plus: the tigers eat the right person.

  2. Dear Anonymous, I love you.

    Please marry me.

  3. Anonymous27/4/09

    "...the silly princess who chose a British dude instead of the Maharajah of Bengal": made me smile - in the right way.

    Anyway, old stuff's cool... I'm gonna listen to "The Soft Parade" tonite.

  4. The best song on Soft Parade is "Do it".
    I could listen to that on repeat 24/7.

  5. Anonymous28/4/09

    Dear Kid Veidt:

    I love you back! If only I were not pledged to an anonymous other .... [eye roll, swoon, collapse].

  6. Dear Anonymous :

    That's pretty much the story of my life right there. Everyone I like is either dead or already living in bliss with some brilliant creature. Darn.

    [shakes fist at the sky, sobs against a rock]

  7. Anonymous4/12/10

    I love the screen shots!
    (still have to find/see the first part of The Indian Tomb though...)
    And Conrad Veidt will always be the love of my life. So thanks for all the lovely pics and stuff.


  8. Hello Jules, I'm glad you stopped by.

    I can give you megaupload links for the first film if you are familiar with .rar files.

  9. Anonymous12/1/11

    Sorry this comes so late. For some reason the comments didn't show up until now...:/

    I've found the movie already, but thanks for the offer. You're such a dear. ^^

    We watched a German silent film called 'Der Schatz' in my film class and I just found links for it, in case you're interested? *g*

  10. Ey, ¿dónde puedo ver la película?, no está en Youtube. SÚBELA...


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