April 07, 2009

25. Oliver Twist (1922)

That kid Jackie (8) was a hell of a child star. He did a great job. My favorite young actor, Edouard Trebaol played The Artful Dodger.
But for me the real star of the film was Gladys Brockwell (29) who played the doomed bad-girl-turned-good, Nancy. She was grand - she could be some distant relative of Helena Bonham Carter, they have a similar eerie feel to them. They can play characters "from the dark side".
Lon Chaney (39) was in this too, his portrayal of Fagin was delicious.
The film was pretty grim, not something I'd recommend to kids at all.


Oliver & Fagin, aka. Jackie & Lon

Oliver imitates Fagin


rating 8/10

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