April 11, 2009

30. Spring Fever (1927)

Last year I was getting tattooed and I sat in that chair while the tattoo artist had a tv on, it was on mute and there was some golf tournament on. It went on forever, as did the pain on my arms... It was there and then that I decided that I really don't dig golf AT ALL.
And as I've probably mentioned in this blog already, I don't dig romantic comedies either.
Thus it could be considered weird that I chose to sit through a romantic comedy about two people who loooove to play golf.
But there was a catch there, a reward of sorts, if you will :
William Haines.
I didn't like him at all when I first saw him in Brown of Harvard, but after having watched that three times now, I've come to admire Haines and feel a kinship towards him due to his homosexuality.
And that's not to be nonchalant about his acting skills, because he was good. I like the faces he could pull, ranging from cheeky to horny to angry to thoroughly innocent.

Here's Will (27 at the time) as Jack Kelly

my, oh my..

Bert Woodruff (71) played his father

Joan Crawford (22) as Allie Monte

I bet Freud would have had a thing of two to say about this

I liked that kid in the middle

this reminded me of The Graduate a bit

Joan had cool arms


Directed by Edward Sedgwick


  1. Anonymous25/5/13

    Harold Lloyd also did a film with the title SPRING FEVER in 191.

  2. Anonymous25/5/13



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