February 28, 2010

66. Scarlet Days (1919)

I won't lie. Richard Barthelmess stole the show. Yea, the film had loads of other characters in it, yet he's about the only one I took screenshots of.
Because... he nailed it.

I've seen him do the "delicate, shy, honest" shtick before, but this time he was a wild young thug.
A gunslinger by the name of Alvarez.

One of the leading ladies was Clarine Seymour, a beautiful kitten who sadly passed away at the age of 21. She played the part of 'Chiquita', a fiery and passionate girl who really likes Alvarez, but the bastard treats her like dirt.

Eugenie Besserer (51) was a true chameleon in her role as Rosy Nell, the belle of the seedy dance hall / a tortured woman who had been forced to make a number of sacrifices for the sake of her daughter

Rosy's sister (Kate Bruce, 59) on her deathbed, talking to her niece, 'Lady Fair' (played by Carol Dempster, 18)

Lady Fair sets out to meet her mother, she's unaware of her profession

the brooding Alvarez comes over to see Chiquita,
they both look good with a cigarillo in hand:
Alvarez is off to the dance hall
umm... what ?
I think she was sweet
Rosy shows Alvarez a photograph of her daughter inside a locket
a welcoming committee is ready to greet the newcomer
John Randolph (Ralph Graves, 19) the Good Boy, is very smitten with her
...as is our suave Lorenzo

meanwhile, at the club - Rosy gets mixed up with the death of a thief
she's wrongly accused
but Lorenzo shows up to defend her

love those eyes.
meet Bagley, the local dirtbag & ex-con, keen on getting more intimate with Lady Fair
"open the door so that I can rape you !"
"absolutely not !"

Barthelmess being brilliant :
GrabberRaster 0194 master barthelmess faith

the good guy tied to a tree
Chiquita can shoot too


it's on YouTube, go on !

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