May 25, 2009

58. Tarzan of the Apes (1918)

Gordon Griffith is the very reason I wanted to see this film in the first place. He reminds me of this kid Leo I used to know. He was way younger than me and rather naive, always wanted to hang out with me during lunch break and to talk about noise music. He did a killer deal with some advertising agency and thus had loads of money. He liked to talk about "phallic" symbols and wanted to buy acid from me.
OK, enough about Leo then.

Kathleen Kirkham (23) played Tarzan's mother.
She was dashing.

Oh dear. Gordon was just 11 years old.
Such a beautiful creature.

but of course !

George B. French (35) played the faithful Binns

my favorite still of Gordon

Kala holding Tarzan...

...Tarzan holding Kala

Ok, I'll admit Elmo Lincoln (29) didn't charm the pants off me

I kept wondering why he didn't have a beard after having lived so long in the wilderness

Enid Markey (24) played Jane

From what I understood, this was part one of a 2-part film of which the second part has gone missing.

Directed by Scott Sidney

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