April 09, 2009

28. Laugh, Clown, Laugh (1928)

Lon shone like the tired old sun, and I got a good dose of Mr Bernard Siegel, plus I had the honor of seeing that Nordic demigod of a creature, Nils Asther on screen for the first time ever. He could easily be related to Bobby Beausoleil and Jack White, those eyes - I got to say he had some wild eyes. Swoon...

Bernard (60) as Simon and Lon (45) as Tito

Tito found an abandoned kid near a river's edge

(I wouldn't mind having those two to bring me up)

...and here's Simonetta all grown up, played by Loretta Young who was 15

Nils (31) as Count Luigi

he was about to place that rose between her titties, I kid you not

dude was 31 ! she was 15 ! touching her like that... no !

Luigi's old flame doesn't like what she sees

uh huh

dem there eyes...

Aww, they can cure me too.


Directed by Herbert Brenon

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  1. Anonymous12/5/11

    I just watched this film and your comments are spot on. Yeah, once they've done 'curing' each other I'll line up too. Sounds fun. I didn't realise Nils Asther was in his 30s in those scenes when Loretta Young is not even 16. He has scandalously busy hands - and roses.

    I did cry at the end. Such a good film.

    Thanks for the screencaps to relive it.


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