April 14, 2009

32. Orlacs Hände (1924)

Another visual feast. I could have crawled up the walls and melted into a puddle while watching this, if I didn't have my sister with me. I had to keep my act together, but oh gosh... it was hard. Because I adore the man.

Alexandra Sorina (25) played Orlac's wife, Yvonne

Conrad was 31 when he played the role of Paul Orlac

The set design was one of the greatest I've seen so far.
I like the way they did it in these German films, like Caligari and Anders als die Andern too

I had to laugh when the paramedic's jacket covered up poor Orlac's face while he lay on the stretcher

one of the very few people who manage to look beautiful even while being all bandaged up

I love that dress and wish I could have a similar one

Though it doesn't really come across from this picture that well, these two had good onscreen chemistry. They felt like an actual young couple who desired each other in several scenes.

I want those pajamas.
And him.

a brilliant nightmare scene

the ring won't go on a stranger's hand

the lady really liked flowers

I wish they would still sell papers like that

that forehead... out of sight.

I could see something in this scene that made me go all blush blush & giggle

priceless lines !

I could have photographed him to death, his face was like a sculpture

one of those rare treats : Conrad laughs !


Directed by Robert Wiene


  1. Babou12/6/09

    I simply LOVE his hands, and the scene when the maid "seduces his hands" - oh, how I wished I would be her!!

    "Orlacs Hands" is wonderful for Connie-maniacs like us because he plays in nearly every scene of the film and you can see the real Connie without too much make-up like in Caligari or the Man who laughs.

  2. Babou, I agree with everything you said...
    And in a way I too wish I was the maid, but I think if I'd REALLY ever had the chance to meet Conrad, I would have fainted on the spot.
    That would have been too much for me to handle.

  3. Connie was absolutely gorgeous. It's such a treat to see these stills!!!

    Orlac's Hands is one of my favorites with him- mostly because there are some fabulous shots of him wearing a low cut shirt. It makes me giddy as a schoolgirl!!

    And I most definitely agree with Babou- his hands were gorgeous.

  4. Conrad está perfecto, lo amo, lo amo I LOVE CONRAD VEIDT, i love....


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