April 21, 2009

40. The Lost World (1925)

Well, I gotta say I liked the dinosaurs in this one a whole lot more than those in Jurassic Park. As parts of this film are lost for good, I won't rate this restored version that I saw. The story was left a bit disjointed due to the missing parts so it would not be fair to judge it based on that.

oh me, oh my... this is Mr Lewis Stone(46), who played the part of Sir John Roxton

Wallace Beery (40) as Professor Challenger

Bessie Love (27) as Paula, Roxton's love interest

oh, come on girl !

the evil ape-man (played by Bull Montana, 38), the creepiest thing in the whole movie

the journalist/explorer has forgotten all about his London girl and fallen for Paula

cheesy !

Roxton is not amused

Zap !

I wish the whole blackface thing never happened

hear his heart breaking

poor Mr Roxton... I'll walk you home


Directed by Harry O. Hoyt

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