March 07, 2010

68. The Painted Lady (1912)

Here we go again, another try at spotting Jack in a film, this time it pays off !
The Painted Lady had a plethora of stars in supporting roles, but I didn't catch them all. I did see the Gish sisters and Elmer Booth but not Bobby Harron or Henry B. Walthall.

Blanche Sweet (16) lived up to her name, she was a sweetheart. Madge Kirby (right) played her kooky kid sister.

Madge put khol on just the way I do, it was a riot

*tries in vain to catch breath*
That's his sole appearance, it's a blink-and-you'll miss it-sort of a thing.

Griffith films are good because they are full of strong and realistic emotions, especially anguish.
He liked to put his leading ladies under some distress.


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