April 20, 2009

37. La galerie des monstres (1924)

I've been looking around for this film for a couple of weeks now. Based on the title, I was expecting something unusual, like a freak circus thing, but this was in fact just another circus drama.
As the inter titles were in Russian, I didn't get the whole story, but basically there's a young couple, a guy who works as a clown and a girl who does a little ballet number and they have a tiny baby to support. They are not happy living in the circus but something or someone is stopping them from leaving.

the legendary Kiki de Montparnasse (23) who was Man Ray's muse and the subject of a brilliant book called Kiki's Paris: Artist and Lovers 1900-1930.

check the owl on her shoulder

Lois Moran (15?!) as the leading lady

Jaque Catelain (27) as the clown

the man who ran the circus and wanted a piece of the girl

the clown is exhausted after a show

he confronts the lion tamer (Jean Murat, 36) for wooing his wife

the lady told the clown something shocking but I'm not sure what it was

Behold ! A bearded lady...

and a mermaid.
I wish there had been a whole lot more of these sort of things in the film. They were only shown very briefly.

the jealous drunkard lets a lion loose while the pretty thing is dancing

people get hysterical and run towards the cage

the poor lion gets shot by the clown

they bid farewell to their circus friends


rating : 8/10
(because of Kiki and all the beautiful make up & costumes)

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  1. Amazing! Thanks for the screenshots. Where you were able to see this?


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