September 10, 2010

84. Genuine (1920)

Amazing sets and costumes!
Sadly not all of the film has survived, but I managed to catch about 40 minutes of its' splendor.

 the 20-something Fern Andra as Genuine

Lord Melo (Ernst Gronau, 33?), a rich old man arrives to the slave market

he buys her as a pet and takes her to a makeshift underground palace

 Genuine escapes by climbing up her candy stripe tree

 Lewis Brody (28) as the male servant

 the greatest clock of all time

 Hans Heinrich von Twardowski (22) as Florian, a barber's apprentice

 von Twardowski reminds me of Crispin Glover at times

 the comb in the old barber's hair was a splendid touch

lord on the right was good, like the living dead

 angry mob arrives

 terror, no escape

 slight reflections of Gladys Brockwell

Directed by that grand master Robert Wiene, who was 47 at the time


  1. Ahhhh, i adore this movie! So lovely to go through and see all these stills!

  2. love this movie.
    I`m following your blog.

  3. I love this, I'm following you now


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