June 30, 2009

64. 7th Heaven (1927)

I watched this because of my favorite actress, Gladys Brockwell. She played Nana, a rather damaged individual who is drawn to drinking and violence. But as always, this film was not about her character, it was about Nana's little sister Diane, who finds happiness from the sewer, I kid you not.

an up skirt view from the sewer

Nana (Brockwell, 33) gives her sister Diane (Janet Gaynor, 21) a brutal whipping

she was so beautiful...

I liked this fellow a lot but didn't catch his name

If looks could kill...

the leading man, Charles Farrell, 26

I've done this too

I liked the way these two held and touched each other. It made me forget I was watching actors.

Directed by Frank Borzage

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