June 26, 2010

82. The Shock (1923)

I hadn't watched any Lon Chaney films in a while and then found this.
Once again he had the opportunity to display his physical agility and to breathe life into a deformed and desperate character.

 Lon Chaney (40) as Wilse Dilling

Christine Mayo
 as Ann Cardington

Virginia Valli, 25 as Gertrude Hadley


  1. Love these screen shots again! Another movie on my 'to watch' list ;) xxxxxxxxx

  2. Well hello!

    Out of Chaney's films I'd say this one was among the weakest. He was good in it, but the story and supporting cast were a real let down.

    If you want to see him at his best, watch He Who Gets Slapped, The Penalty, The Hunchback of Notre Dame (also featuring the gorgeous Gladys Brockwell) and The Unholy Three. Those are his greatest performances in my opinion.

    Thank you for dropping by, it always brightens up my day when you do.


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