June 23, 2010

81. Little Annie Rooney (1925)

Mary Pickford was so tiny it blows my mind each time I see her in a movie. I watched this one, directed by William Beaudine (33) because there were a bunch of interesting actors on the bill, like my daydream big brother, William Haines and Gordon Griffith.
The film takes place in a poor area of New York City and all the characters are immigrants.

 One of my favorite film sets ever

 Joe Butterworth (15) as Mickey Kelly, Annie's nemesis

 Eugene Jackson (9) as Humidor

 Spec O'Donnell (14) as Abie Levy. He was very impressive.

 Boy, was I surprised to find out that this cat is GORDON GRIFFITH... all grown up.
The last time I saw him, he looked like this :
What a difference seven years can make...

 This hot blooded thug Tony was played by Carlo Schipa (26). 
I wish I could look like him.

 That's Annie's father, Officer Rooney (Walter James, 43) telling Spider (the skinny Mr Hugh Fay, also 43) to keep it cool. Fay passed away a year after this film.

 And here's Mary! 
There were some scenes in the beginning where she fought with the neighborhood boys but I didn't take any screen shots of those. It was dumb stuff, kids throwing bricks at each other all Tom and  Jerry-like. 
I'm not into that sort of humor at all.

 the onscreen chemistry between Gordon and Mary (33) was great

William Haines (25) as Joe Kelly, a restless guy caught in the web of the underworld

This was too much for me. I had to look away from the screen. 
This kid was made to act like a fool. That shimmy dance went on forever. Oh man.

I must have a cake like that for my next birthday, with the exact same candles


Haines had a bit of a Pee-wee Herman vibe in this scene where he did a mime dance for Vola Vale
I tried to make a gif out of it but the whole thing was only about 7 frames long so it didn't work out.

Vola's the one with dark hair

I don't know who this actor was, but the scene he was in moved me to tears.

I loved this bit.

if looks could kill

Gordon looked like a teenage Elvis

the guy on the left had me in stitches

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